Our Students

At Secret Harbour Primary School we like to celebrate success. Our students are continually setting and reaching their goals both academically and on a personal level. On this page we will highlight their success stories. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some of our previous students in the “Where are they now” section.





Connor Leahy

Age 22
Part of the Tokyo Cycling Team 2021 representing Australia.








“I graduated Secret Harbour Primary School in 2013. Now I am 20 years old and I graduate this year as a Registered Nurse from the University of Notre Dame. In between my studies, I work as a Community Support Worker, which means I assist and take care of the elderly in their own homes. I love my job as a support worker as it is very rewarding experience, I help the elderly do tasks that you guys do everyday such as get dressed, make breakfast and even go for a walk! The skills I learnt in my job will prepare me for the field of Nursing which I am very excited for. My favourite subject at Secret Harbour Primary School was sport, I used to be Faction Captain for Ocean and I loved to run in the sports carnivals.”
By Georgia Turrington


“I started at Secret Harbour Primary School in 2003 (year 4) when i moved over from England. When i turned 16 i went into childcare studying my Certificate III in Children Services, after 3 years i studying my Diploma and now at 24 years old i’m an assistant manager at a childcare centre, i’ve got 3 kids and my daughter is now attending Secret Harbour Primary, I love seeing some of the same teachers and office staff are still working at the school. My favourite memory was year 7 camp and making our graduation video! I can’t wait for my daughter to have some of the same amazing teachers i had! “

By Amy Lisle 


“I attended Secret Harbour Primary School graduating in 2014. I am now currently 19 years old and turning 20 this August, I graduated from Comet Bay College in 2019 and by February 2020 I began my Bachelor of Nursing degree at Murdoch University. I am currently now in my second year of my nursing degree and working at an aged care facility in Pinjarra which I attended clinical placement at. I previously was working at Secret Harbour Primary School beforehand as a Covid-19 cleaner for almost a year. I love working at the aged care facility I work at as a carer, even though each day can be difficult but there is always something new happening. One thing I know for sure is that I know I will love being a nurse even more than my current role and can’t wait to complete my degree.
My favourite topic at Secret Harbour Primary School was sport with Mrs VK and one of my favourite memories being at that school was the Year 7 school camp in Busselton.

Remember as a student, don’t feel as though by high school you need to have it all figured out. Life is a continual journey of learning and maturing – learn to enjoy the journey!”
By Emma Andrews


“Much has happened since I graduated from SHPS.  

After I graduated in 2009 I had the opportunity to move to Zambia, Africa. Of course with my family I spent the next year being homeschooled and traveling the continent Zambia. I moved back to Australia and finished my high school years at Comet Bay College being in the Fremantle Football program and did work placement. I did Teacher Assistant work at Secret Harbour Primary school in 2013 and 2014 working with MRS Bransby with sport classes but also worked with teachers in Year 3 and Kindy Garden.  I pursued my dream in playing professional baseball and  had the opportunity to play in the USA. I moved to Long Beach, California in 2015 and attended Long Beach CIty College and Los Angeles Harbour College being a student athlete. This entailed me to study Kinesiology and Human Resource Management. After two years going to college and having suffered an injury that ended my dream of playing professional baseball. 


I moved back to Australia after an upsetting time with my dream being over. I had come home and didn’t do much until september 2018 when I enlisted into the Royal Australian Navy as a Marine Technician. Now coming into my third year in the navy I’ve finally joined my first ship being HMAS Warramunga and about to go on my first deployment. I’m only 24 this year. Crazy right?  My favourite subject whilst at SHPS was of course sport. And the best memories would’ve been the carnivals for Sport, AFL, swimming, the beach”. 

By Tomas Swinson 


Hi everyone! My name is Jasmin and I attended Secret Harbour Primary School in 2008.

I had a really great experience at this school, and a lot of great memories were made.

Funnily, I had my Year 6 teacher from SHPS contact me over the Christmas holidays, and I was able to retrieve my Year 6 Assembly item video from 2008. I am now 24 years old, and I am giving back to the current generation of children as a Year Four teacher. My dedication towards school, and inspiring young children has always been a blessing in my life, which began at SHPS.

My fondest memories at SHPS was giving back to the teachers each week, and supporting them in their classrooms by sharpening their pencils, and helping children in the younger grades.

My favourite aspect of SHPS was the yearly summer carnival at Secret Harbour Beach. Walking to the beach, and having activities there for the whole day! This brings back such vivid and fun memories! I hope you are enjoying your time at SHPS, and maybe one day you might become a teacher just like me!

By Jasmin Duzevich