Selamat Datang (Welcome),

It is a fantastic opportunity for Secret Harbour Primary School to have Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) as one of our Language Other Than English (LOTE) subjects and as part of our National Curriculum.

Bahasa Indonesia is a fairly easy language to learn and, as Indonesia is our closest neighbouring country, it is a very useful language when travelling there for holidays and possible business opportunities.

Bahasa Indonesia is taught from Year 3 to Year 6. Students are introduced to basic daily conversation topics through songs, Indonesian short stories and games with predominant focus on their listening and speaking skills. They also learn about the Indonesian culture and the geographical and natural characteristics.

Once a week, students are taught by our Indonesian language teacher, Ibu Hevron, who comes from Surabaya in Java. Ibu Hevron uses a wide range of resources to enhance student learning; such as posters, interactive online learning websites, authentic Indonesian pictures, DVDs and iPads. Other authentic resources include traditional dresses, music instruments, cooking Indonesian food, Batik and Shadow puppets.

The school is fortunate to have regular visits from Indonesian teachers from the IALF school in Bali. The teachers provide a wealth of knowledge and learning experiences that students enjoy.

Students are also encouraged to practise their language skills through online websites such as www.education.vic.gov.au/languagesonline

https://www.asiaeducation.edu.au/public/sites/goindonesia/ and www.duolingo.com

Continuing to practise their Indonesian speaking and listening skills at home is the best and quickest way to improve their language proficiency.

Terima Kasih (Thank you).
Selamat Belajar dan Sukses! (Happy Learning and Good Luck!)