At SHPS, we support our students to use mathematics confidently in learning and life. Students are explicitly taught mathematical skills and reasoning, and how to apply their learnings to solve problems. We are very well resourced with maths equipment and children use manipulative materials to develop newly-introduced learning skills and are scaffolded to develop more abstract thinking. Numeracy Blocks are a core component of the teaching and learning program at SHPS.

Mental Maths Calculations

Developing fluency in maths; being able to quickly recall key elements such as combinations to ten and one hundred, learning times tables and recognising shapes / symbols on sight makes maths learning much easier for children. Mental maths and Numeracy warm-ups are part of the daily teaching and learning routine at SHPS. Families are encouraged to support children with practice at home.

Maths Skills

Students undertake regular assessments to monitor and track their progress in mathematics as they develop skills in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Maths Competitions

Each year in term three we run our Maths Wizard Competition (years P-6), to support development of fluency with mental calculations and times-tables. Students with high interest / ability in mathematics also have the opportunity to participate in Australia wide competitions such as APSMO Maths Games, Maths Olympiads and the Australian Maths Competition.

Online Learning

At SHPS we evaluate and provide high quality online mathematics programs that individualise students and motivate them to develop competence in numeracy.