Defence School Mentor

Our Defence School Mentor (DSM) works in the school to minimise the impact of mobility and absence on the education of Defence students and work to build the capability of the school in supporting these students and their families.

The DSM in the school provides support to the children of Defence families through on-site contact during the period of welcoming, integrating, absences and farewelling.  Our DSM also provides direct and flexible assistance to parents and teachers to compliment supporting the defence students in education.

The Defence School Mentor will:

  • Assist new children and their families to integrate into the school and local community.
  • Monitor the social and emotional wellbeing of Defence students.
  • Assist students to develop self-confidence, self-reliance and resilience.
  • Refer students to services or school and community programs that meet their needs
  • Enhance awareness and appreciation of the unique Defence lifestyle in schools and communities.
  • Provide support to children during times of parental absence.
  • Act as a point of contact for Defence families in the new school.
  • Connect families with other Defence families in the school community.
  • Keep families up to date on the available support services and upcoming events for Defence families.

Our DSM, is employed by the Education Department but the funding for the DSM program in the school is provided annually by the Defence Community Organisation/Department of Defence.