The Primary Extension and Challenge program (PEAC) is a selective state-wide program for gifted and talented year five and six primary school students. PEAC allows highly able students to meet like-minded peers from other local schools and to work with them on challenging tasks not included in regular curriculum. PEAC teachers extend children’s thinking and develop their creativity.

Entry to PEAC is only through the PEAC Placement test. Our year 4 students sit this test during semester two, in their regular class with their teacher. This is a challenging test of verbal and mathematical reasoning; very different to other testing that students have experienced. Parents receive a letter outlining the assessment process and may opt to withdraw their child from testing if they wish.

Our local PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) program is held at Comet Bay College. Transport is provided by parents and shared transport can be facilitated. PEAC runs on one day each fortnight and participating students receive a PEAC report at the end of each semester.

PEAC feels like an opportunity and a chance to learn. I like learning in a fun way. I really enjoy my time there. Tristan

PEAC is fun. I like trying new things and doing my project. Devon

I like PEAC because it is half logical thinking and half creative thinking. Also at PEAC, it is fun making our projects and doing the activities. It is also fun to get challenged with the work they provide. Jamie