Nautilis Club

Nautilus is a Gifted and Talented Program offered at Comet Bay College for pre-primary to year four students from local primary schools. It is funded and staffed by the college, which also coordinates the selection process. While at Nautilus, the students explore a range of scientific, mathematical, artistic, engineering and literary principles. They develop deep thinking and learn to approach challenges in an open, engaged and creative way.

To gain entry to Nautilus, students initially require a reading age two to three years above their chronological age. Other data such as NAPLAN, PAT Testing, standardised assessments and reporting grades are also considered. The child’s teacher and parents may then be asked to complete profiles for an application which goes to college staff who determine entry and organise the program. Nautilus is restricted by the number of places available and we are very lucky to have achieved significant access for our students. We are enormously appreciative of the college and Mrs Jody Lewin for the opportunity. Mrs Lewin also runs the Nautilus Master Class program for eligible students in years five and six.

Selected students attend Nautilus for a two-hour session each week. Transport is provided by parents and shared transport can be facilitated. Nautilus students wear their Nautilus shirt to sessions and when on excursions. The Nautilus shell is a natural structure based on logarithmic spirals that follow Fibonacci’s sequence. The Nautilus shell is a symbol of the complex thinking and investigating that Nautilus Club students employ.

  • Being a member of the Nautilus Club is something I would never decline. It gives me a chance to learn new things I never thought I would learn. You can choose which project you would like to do. I love it! Alice
  • Nautilus is fun because you can express your creativity and you are treated like an adult there. Cooper
  • Being in Nautilus means learning things other kids wouldn’t usually learn at this age. I love the freedom you have because you can learn anything you want. Mackenzie