Student Wellbeing

Secret Harbour Primary School ‘Leads the Way’ when it comes to the wellbeing of the school community and our students. We are continually seeking ways to improve the wellbeing of community whether it is within the classroom, whole school events or wellbeing programs we facilitate at the school.

Secret Harbour Primary is very fortunate this year to have 4 Story Dogs and their lovely carers volunteer at our school each week. The Story Dogs is a not-for-profit program that allows students to build their confidence in a non-threatening environment. The program removes the pressure of succeeding, allowing for these students to achieve at their own pace whilst nurturing the love of reading. The results we are seeing with these students is shining proof that the program is an amazing success.

STREAMS (Support through resilience, emotional wellbeing and mindfulness strategies) is a program run for students who might need that extra support during their day to day life and the challenges that they may face. Children quite often wrestle with their emotions, they can struggle with the effects of anxiety or depression, a loss of a family member or family separation. Often they find that their resilience is reduced at this time and require extra coping skills to assist them to achieve to their best ability.  STREAMS is designed to support these children in times of need. STREAMS is available to all students, who may require extra support, and is facilitated by a qualified Youth Worker trained in numerous support and resilient wellbeing programs, mindfulness, as well as Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Secret Harbour Primary School recognises the importance of children opening their minds to the now when it comes to their optimum learning, to being in the present moment. Our school was one of the initial schools in WA to introduce the Smiling Minds Program into the curriculum and each Monday morning we have a whole school approach towards Mindfulness Monday.